среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

This vacuum cleaner is me 2 years faithfully and in that time I have formed a definite opinion about it, so I decided to share them with you in his review - http://www.mortgageloantip.com/.

I bought it in MVideo, then it was worth 2,500 rubles, 5,000 rubles today (nichosi prices are rising!)

As then, the vacuum cleaner is and was perhaps the most expensive on the market.

Buying it, I have no illusions do not feed, reading characteristics, I knew it was low-powered vacuum cleaner economy segment. Therefore, no disappointments was not followed after use.

The first negative - black color. The vacuum cleaner not only collects dust inside, but also outside. So immediately after the harvest I will wipe it with a damp cloth. Dust accumulates on it and "at rest", as well as on any other surface, even if it is out of work stands in the corner. Just on the black color this beauty is much stronger than on the more bright.

Another minus - very flimsy rear parking lot. He's broke down five times. For the first time it happened, when I pulled the vacuum cleaner for the tube to roll it to a new location. Apparently, too abruptly yanked and plastic hook bounced. I checked everything has stuck "supermoment", but the situation is repeated. And so a few times. Upset, I could no longer put the pipe with a nozzle on the vacuum cleaner, but then found another parking "on its belly". It turns out that a vacuum cleaner are provided immediately hook 2 and the outer, longer really flimsy, but one that is designed for mounting from the bottom, far more durable. So now "resting" the vacuum cleaner is on my vertical.

In general, this for me and cons end Smile

Many say that accumulate inside pylezabornika hair, which is why the vacuum cleaner works worse. Yes it is. But you still shake the container? Probably, if you cat / dog and a large apartment, then to empty the filter will have a couple of times for cleaning, but should not be without a pet problems.

So for myself, I believe that this model of vacuum cleaner it is good value for money. I'm always very careful pylesoshu floors, and then control and more passers-wet cloth - not a vacuum cleaner will remove the subtle traces of sweat from your feet, sebum particles and stains from the water after washing dishes on the floor. But some prominent dust, thread or hair after washing in a bucket never remains. For me this is the best indicator of the effectiveness of its work.


Initial data:

I have a flat 30 sq.m .. A carpet of 3 to 4 meters long white bristles. A small rug in the bathroom, short vors.Takzhe pylesoshu sofa cloth (do not laugh, just try your vacuum and see how much dust accumulates in it). Pylesoshu 1 time per week.

Did not find. I think in his case, the price of the same quality. You can complain to the power, but you do when you buy a look at the features: want stronger, more powerful and more expensive buy.